Mohanlal a superstar or a super flop?

March 1, 2010

For many producers in the late 80’s, 90s and early 2000s, Mohanlall was a sure bet. Mohanlal to a large extent commanded Malayalam film industry with back to back super hits and mega hits. He was very lucky to get roles of wide range which went well down with the audience which in turn pulled crowd in to theatres .His natural, cool and spontaneous acting made him the most wanted actor in the malayalam film industry .His characters were stand-outs in those times .He enjoyed unprecedented popularity which no other actor ever had in the industry. Mohanlal to many of us became a family figure who routinely appeared in our day to-day lives. Many of those characters will live through generations to come. He had been exalted to the height of irrefutable king of malluwood and became the most famous malayalee in the planet.

But things started taking a turn for worse in the latter part of the last decade in mohalal’s career. His films turned out to be biggest flops and came a cropper at the box office .Many of his much trumpeted movies took nosedive at the box office. What once had been a sure bet became a risky proposition for many producers which cost them a great fortune. Many of them have already gone bust . What once we called as a versatile actor became boring and stereotyped actor who rather cling to his image than doing justice to his talent .He has been keen on signing up for new movies and ad deals without looking at their real prospects .His brand equity has taken a huge blow in recent times .He is in vain attempt to hold on to his stardom and image.

The roles he currently acts are incompatible with his age .His costly wig or make up could barely hide his age. He is acting opposite to heroines who are not even half his age which kills the on- screen chemistry of the actor and actresses making many of his movies simply unwatchable. Many of his characters portray larger than life images and are being presented awkwardly. This sounds absolutely ludicrous as far as Malayalam cinema is concerned. The same may happen in Tamil but as a more sensible and educated audience, it is really pity on us to continue to suffer such gimmick .It also undermines the ability of our young generation actors who are forced to play a second fiddle as actors like Mohanlal remains as stumbling block shattering their dreams. Further he denies our choice of watching good movies and characters acted by people fitting to the role. At present Mohanlal’s many characters are like a square peg in a round hole. His body language is absolutely awful .His monstrous figure on the screen is not all pleasing to our eyes.

Mohanlal has been clearly resting on his laurels .He has never been harshly criticised by anyone yet. Instead the channel media and his own sponsored fans association have glorified him and his little achievements beyond the limit than he actually deserved. He always enjoyed a safe haven and found a niche in the industry thanks to some of his great characters in the past. That made him to be complacent and sent him a feeling that his stardom is eternal and unshaken. He has been widely proclaimed to be the role model for youngsters .But how one could become a role model to youngsters when he himself has become a fiasco in his career and doesn’t hold any virtues to stir up youngsters .He appears very cocky and tight lipped in his interviews throwing an awful lot of head weight. Mohanlal of today has got nothing to inspire our growing young generation but looks like a feeble lost king in the battlefield. Ironically he was given honorary Lt Colonel Staus in the Indian Territorial army an abject insult to our brave Indian soldiers.

He has realised now that his empire is under /threat well evidenced by lacklustre performances of his movies at the box office. Now he is making hay while the sun shines as he knows that his future looks bleak .He acts in all junk and sundry movies without not even looking in to the script just with the intention of amassing wealth. He is rumoured to be involved in many secret businesses in Kerala and has put himself as a brand ambassador of many products exploiting his brand equity.

Many producers are finding it hard to afford Mohanlal’s astronomical remuneration which is hardly justified by his success and now are switching over to fresh faces.
It is shame on producers and directors who still fancy about mohanlal in lead role as that would be an acknowledgement of their own defeat. Mohanla’s era is well over in all respects .Now its time for potential youngsters to take charge of the industry. If not we malayaleees very sensible audience as we boast of, will continue to put up with such goofy characters on the screen .In case that happens we will have to answer a big question .Are we really dearth of talent?If i am wrong let the statistics below decide if he is a super star or super flop? 

Mr. Brahmachari
Kilichundan Mampazham
Hariharan Pilla Happiyanu
Vamanapuram Buss Route
Baba Kalyani
Rok N Roll
Collge Kumaran
Aakasha Gopuram
Kurukshetra (2008 film)
Red Chillies
Sagar alias Jacky Reloaded

Angel John


5 Responses to “Mohanlal a superstar or a super flop?”

  1. sagar alias jacky said

    Unnathangalilv – Guest role
    Angel John – Guest Role
    Kilichundan Mampazham – Average
    Kurukshetra (2008 film) – Hit
    Mr. Brahmachari – Hit
    Natturajavu – Hit- It was one of the biggest hit of that year
    Vadakkumnadhan – Hit/Super Hit
    Baba Kalyani-Hit

    Don’t give false statements if you don’t know.
    You put the flops of MR Mammootty the so called Mega Char of Malayalm film industry.

    His recent movir Pazhasi Raja which media claims to be a blockbuster has given a heart attack for Gokhulam gopalan making him poorer by 7 crores.

    His movie pokiri raja made with a budget of 7.5 crores hardly got money back but media clain it to be a blockbuster.

    some section in the film industry- now Mr Mammootty+Prithviraj – mammooty- his fans association are trying to downride the prince of kerala.

    Nothing will happen beacsue i am Jacky SAGAR ALIAS JACKY

  2. Anish said

    On what basis yu are writing all these blunders. Mohanlal as an actor is proven and its acknowledged by the whole world. As an actor he will have hisown shares of hits and flops, as I do agree he is in a way responsible for both. But when you write something do your homework. Most of the movies which you said as flop are actually hit or mega hit.

    I am not sure if you are a momootty fan or a dishearted mohanlal fan. What ever be it try to promote good movies not actors. I am a Mohanlal and I say it proudly. But I have the guts to say a mohanlal movie is good if its good and its flop if its flop. I also appreciate all the bood movies of Mamootty also. Movies are for entertainment or for conveting a message and it needs actors to achieve the purpose. Who ever does it best we love them. But the actor have the responsibility to see if the movie committed will be really accepted by audiance and not the fans.

    Hope you understand it well now.

  3. P K VENUGOPAL said

    A person who is 18 years old cannot be called a baby. One who is 50 years old cannot be called a youth. One who is 60 years old is definitely an old man.

    Beware, death is behind you!
    Oh! I thought I could live forever.

  4. rj said

    mr nelbin,wat you have written here is really shocking and how could you use such words to commend on one of the world’s most talented actor?shame on be honest,you have used that kinda harsh words against lal and i am sure that a malayali,wether he s a lal fan or any other’s fan cannot favour you because that is the position of lal in the mind of every malayali.

    • ramyalal said

      hmm lal ettan is the best …….. i love his acting he is ma role model… dont just type wat u think ….. my lalettan is always lovable one …he is the most adorable stylish one in d world…….. please mamooty fan jerks.. so fuck offff nelbin especially u ….

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